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70 percent of the Malbec vineyards of the world are found in Argentina. All the regional factors sun, soil, inclination of hillside, water, climate, weather, and altitude determine the taste of the grape on the vines.

Casa de Uco has the privilege of having Alberto Antonini as a consultant. In 2013, he was ranked within the top 5 Wine Consultants in the world. Alberto Antonini provides his expertise to the owners of Casa de Uco. 

Alberto Antonini made the following statement: "After 16 years of experience in the Uco Valley, I can affirm that this is the exact area where the best wines of Mendoza are produced. The proximity to the Andes Mountains, the ideal day to night temperature ranges, and the fertile soil with excellent drainage, make the land exceptional to produce high end wines and develop the viticulture and enology in the most natural way possible ".


The art of cultivating grapes, harvesting, crushing and pressing, fermenting, clarification, aging and bottling is done with much care. Casa de Uco winery has state of the art equipment for harvesting, and wine production resulting in a delectable Malbec wine.


We are proud to introduce to you our first wine:

Our Malbec wine is characterized by its deeply hued purple color, or as some might say inky red. It is very lush and full of ripe, juicy berries and purple fruits. It is bold and earthy with an intense, full body mouth feel.

Refucilo Dos Rayos.