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Gustavo Bauza

For Gustavo Bauzá, being an enologist is a satisfaction and a way of life. Making unique and unrepeatable products that will cause a sensation of enjoyment and pleasure were the reasons that led him to become a winemaker. He studied in the city of Mendoza, where he was born and currently resides with his wife and children.


He was educated in the Agriculture and Enology Lyceum Domingo F. Sarmiento of the Cuyo National University, where he got his Enology degree. He also holds a degree in Enology and Fruit and Horticulture Industries in the Don Bosco School of the Juan Agustin Maza University, and, more recently, he has finished a wine oriented MBA in the same institution.


According to Bauzá, every moment is good for wine drinking, it’s just about finding good company. As he says, the wine, like the food, transmits a lot about the culture of a people, and it’s a center for meetings and pleasant moments. Today, as an enologist and winemaker for Casa de Uco, his challenge is for every grape harvest to reach the highest potential of the fruit.

Wine Consultant

Sebastian Bisole - Wine Consultant

Over the last 20 years Argentina has become a world viticulture benchmark due to the thorough study of the diversity of its terroirs. A new generation of agricultural engineers, enologists and wine producers is taking the lead in producing quality wines.

Someone who stands out from this new generation is Sebastian Bisole, Casa de Uco’s agricultural engineer and enologist. Bisole attended “Liceo Agricola Enologico” and completed his studies at “La Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias de la UNCuyo”. He became Production Manager in Casa de Uco in 2015 where he oversees the estate’s vineyard and winery. He has an excellent team that assists him in all viticultural operations and in the wine making process.

In addition, Bisole is enologist and part-owner of “Paso a Paso Wines” and enologist of “Pie Grande Wines”.

Early in 2018 Casa de Uco’s wines were acknowledged in “Winemakers Special Edition” where they were placed in the 36th slot of best wines in Argentina, with a rating of 95 points by Tim Atkin.

Sebastian Bisole

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