Refucilo Winery Private Events Proposal

Private Event Max Capacity: 

Indoor 16 people and Outside 25 people. 


We will always have to abide by the county regulations that are in effect at the moment of reservation.

Minimum Guests per event:  12 people

Rental Rate:

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays which are days we're closed, the rate for an event is $125.00 per hour.

On Sundays the rate is $150.00 per hour.

Fridays and Saturdays are not available for private events.

Wine Serving Options - A guided tasting is optional:

Tasting - Includes a guided experience of host selected Refucilo wines.

3 wines from our wine menu, 2 ounces of each, cost per person $9.00

Tasting plus on glass of wine

Tasting (2 ounces) 3 wines from our menu plus 1 glass of wine (5 ounces), cost per person $18.00


2 glasses (5 ounces per glass) of host selected wines, cost per person $18.00

    Note:  A card will be issued to each guest upon arrival and will be

               stamped as wine is served.


Buy Bottles Prior to Event (Minimum 1 case)

Host will choose 2 varietals from our wine menu for event.  Bottles will be bought in advance at retail price.  Host will take home bottles that are not consumed.  Refucilo Winery will not buy back bottles that are not consumed at the event. 



If guests have consumed the amount of bottles the host has paid for and are requesting more wine, host will be responsible for any additional bottles opened.  Host may choose to be notified at the event when the agreed upon number of bottles have been consumed, or Refucilo staff can keep track of the extra bottles consumed and notify the host 

at the end of the event. 


Food Options

Option 1 - Grazing table

 We will provide charcuterie, cheese, fruit, beef and cheese empanadas.

Price per person $10.00

Option 2 - Catering by La Mendocina

Cecilia Lora, manager, will contact Monica Aveni, owner of La Mendocina, LLC to request her catering services for your event.  Mrs. Aveni will provide options and cost depending on number of guests. 

Deposit Fee

A 25% deposit fee is required which will be refundable if event is cancelled 8 days prior to the event. 

If event is cancelled a week or less before the event the deposit fee will

NOT be refunded.